The Celtic Way at Bethlehem and Atonement Lutheran Churches

In my last Blog, 03/11/16, and Temple Talk on 03/22/16, I wrote and spoke about the role St Patrick played in converting the Irish to Christianity. How he used symbols like the Celtic cross and the shamrock to introduce Christian doctrine, like the Holy Trinity.

Fast forward two months to May, 2016. I am back in Columbus, Ohio for the Spring/Summer. I attended my first service of the year at my Columbus home church, Atonement Lutheran Church, on 05/08/16. Guess what the Sunday school lesson is? “The Celtic Way of Evangelism.” How St Patrick, and other Christian leaders, taught the Doctrine of the Trinity, understanding the death of Christ, and the importance of living for Christ, to the Irish.

I am amazed that that two Lutheran churches so far apart, and so different, could be having almost the same conversation about the same Saint; one in a Temple Talk, the other in a Sunday school lesson.

The Christian Church has many denominations, and sub-denominations, but they all have the same King, the same Savior, the same Christ, JESUS.

Continue to ask God to lift up a friend, or, if you already think you have such a person, consider where your relationship with that person could go a little deeper, as you share the good news of Jesus Christ. Invite them to Bethlehem. Bring them to Bethlehem. That person will be playing a key role in your Christian walk.

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