How to always have Joy in your life

“J” is for Jesus. Always put Jesus first in your life. Look to him for peace, for healing, for grace, for forgiveness; for everything.

“O” is for Others. Jesus asks us to share the good news of his grace and forgiveness with others. To put family, friends, neighbors, co-workers before our needs; and to give to those who have less than we do.

“Y” is for You. The Lord has forgiven your sin. You can rejoice every day knowing that Jesus is by your side. You are his joy. You are here for a reason.

Where can you find JOY?

You can find JOY at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 838 Hallandale, Hallandale Beach, FL (954-454-2954), every Sunday morning.  You will find friendship, peace, hope, and Jesus.

I’ll see you there!


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